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S.No.YearNameTitle of ThesisThesis SupervisorSubject AreaAwarding Univ.Current Affiliation
1. 1976 Arora,B.R Some problems of geomagnetic solar and lunar daily variations in low latitudes. IIG,Mumbai. B.N.Bhargava Geomagnetic Variations Univ of Mumbai New Delhi
2. 1976 Rangarajan,G.K. Study of low latitude geomagnetic field: influence of interplanetary field and periodic oscillations.IIG, Mumbai. B.N.Bhargava Geomagnetic Field and Oscillations Univ of Mumbai Superannuated
3. 1979 Sastri,N.S. Some studies of the geomagnetic solar and lunar daily variations and of the equatorial counter-electrojet in the Indian region. IIG, Mumbai. B.N.Bhargava Geomagnetic Variations and Eq Electrojet Univ of Mumbai Deceased
4. 1979 Murthy,A.V.S. Some aspects of the geomagnetic anomalies with special reference to the structure and tectonics of the Godavari Valley. IIG, Mumbai. B.N.Bhargava Geomagnetic anomalies and Tectonics of Godavari Valley Univ of Mumbai ---
5. 1980 Bhatia, Kamal G. Some Plasma Instabilities in the Magnetosphere, IIG, Mumbai G.S.Lakhina Magnetosphere Univ of Mumbai ---
6. 1983 Rajaram,Mita Identification of variations associated with the sun and their use in some geophysical studies.IIG, Mumbai. B.P.Singh Use of sun variation in geophysical studies Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
6. 1983 Agrawal,Ashok Kumar Analysis of transient magnetic variations: case studies for sub-surface structure and source field characteristics.IIG, Mumbai. B.P.Singh Transient magnetic variations Univ of Mumbai Canada
7. 1983 Thakur,Naresh Kumar Some studies of crust and upper mantle by geomagnetic deep sounding.IIG,Mumbai. B.P.Singh Crustal studies using geomagnetic deep sounding Univ of Mumbai NGRI
8. 1985 Koparkar,P.V. Studies in ionospheric physics with special reference to the ionospheric irregularities and VHF scintillations. Bombay. IIG,Mumbai. R.G.Rastogi ionospheric irregularities and scintillation Univ of Mumbai NEHU, Shillong
9. 1989 Alex,Sobhana Studies on earth's plasmasphere (F region and topside ionosphere). IIG, Mumbai. G.Rajaram Earth's plasmasphere Univ of Mumbai Superannuated
10. 1986 Mukherjee,G.K. The utility of quantitive magnetospheric magnetic field models.IIG, Mumbai. R.Rajaram magnetosphericmagnetic field Univ of Mumbai Superannuated
11. 1993 Basavaiah,Nathani Study of earth's interior through geomagnetic methods-satellite derived geopotential field anomalies. IIG,Mumbai B.P.Singh Earth's interior through geomagnetic methods Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
12. 1994 Pathan, Bashir M. Studies of low latitude ionosphere through satellite radio wave propagation. IIG, Mumbai. D.R.K.Rao Low latitude ionosphere Univ of Mumbai Superannuated
13. 1994 Reddy,C.D. Electromagnetic induction studies in Garhwal Himalaya and adjecent regions. IIG, Mumbai. B.R. Arora Electrmagnetic Induction Univ of Mumbai IIG,Navi Mumbai
14. 1995 Waghmare,Shivdas Y. Study of sub-surface geology using the anomalies of the earth's magnetic field. IIG, Mumbai. B.P.Singh Sub-surface geology Univ of Mumbai Superannuated
15. 1998 Chandrasekhar,E. Determination of deep earth electrical conductivity using long period geomagnetic variations, IIG Mumbai. B.R.Arora Deep earth electric conductivity Univ of Mumbai IIT, Mumbai
16. 2000 Gupta,Gautam Magnetotelluric studies over the Indian sub continent. IIG, Mumbai. B.P.Singh Magnetotelluric studies Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
17. 2001 Banola,S. Some characteristics of ionospheric irregularities at low latitudes deduced from VHF scintillation measurements. IIG, Mumbai. D.R.K.Rao Ionospheric irregularities Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
18. 2001 Jadhav,Geeta Vasant Theoretical modelling of low latitude current system. IIG, Mumbai. R.Rajaram Low latitude current system Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
19. 2001 Sinha,Ashwini Kumar Studies of large scale oscillations in the magnetosphere. IIG, Mumbai. R.Rajaram Magnetosphere Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
20. 2002 Erram,Vinit C. Magnetic mapping of basement of India. IIG, Mumbai. B.P.Singh Magnetic mapping Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
21. 2002 Arun,T. Geomagnetic signatures at Antarctica- diagnostics of internal and external fields. IIG, Mumbai. G.Rajaram Antarctic geomagnetism Univ of Mumbai ---
22. 2004 Kakad, Amar P. Role of plasma instabilities in the magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling processes IIG, Navi Mumbai. G.S.Lakhina Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
23. 2004 Anand S. P. Crustal Magnetic Anomalies over Indian Sub-continent IIG, Navi Mumbai. Mita Rajaram Geophysics Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
24. 2005 Bhardwaj,Sandip Parameterization and sources of equatorial and low latitude geomagnetic oscillations,IIG, Navi Mumbai. B.R.Arora Geomagnetic oscillations Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
25. 2007 Kakad,Bharati Study of irregularities and dynamics of the low latitude ionosphere. IIG, Navi Mumbai. A. Bhattacharyya Low latitude ionosphere Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
26. 2008 Rawat,Rashmi Geomagnetic storm phenomenon as infered from the low-latitude geomagnetic field variations and interplanetary parameters. IIG, Navi Mumbai. S.Alex Geomagnetic storm Univ of Mumbai PDF, Brazil
27. 2009 Parihar, Navin Optical investigation of mesopause using OH Meinel Band and OI557.7nm nightglow at low latitude station, Kolhapur, India G.K.Mukherjee Low latitude study Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
28. 2010 Patil,P.T. Studies of atmospheric neutral dynamics using night airglow and radar techniques and development of electronic instrumentation and control G.K.Mukherjee Atmospheric dynamics Shivaji Univ. Kolhapur IIG ,Navi Mumbai (Kolhapur Obs)
29. 2011 Lakshmi Narayanan,V. Study of dynamical coupling of the mesosphere-lower thermosphere-ionosphere region at low latitudes. Tirunelveli. (EGRL) S.Gurubaran Dynamic coupling of low latitude region M.S.University, Tirunelveli PDF, Japan
30. 2012 Panneerselvam,C. Temporal studies of atmospheric electrical parameters close to the earth's surface.IIG, Navi Mumbai. S.Gurubaran Atmospheric electrical parameters M.S.University, Tirunelveli IIG (EGRL, Tirunelveli)
31. 2012 Dhanya,A. Study of electrodynamical coupling of equtorial atmosphere-ionosphere system. IIG, Navi Mumbai. S. Gurubaran Equatorial ionosphere M.S.University, Tirunelveli ---
32. 2012 Singh, Anand Kumar Geomagnetic response of solar wind-magnetosphere coupling. IIG, Navi Mumbai. B.M.Pathan Solar wind magnetosphere coupling Univ of Mumbai Sctist B, NCOAR
33. 2012 Bhagavathiammal, G. J. Studies on mean winds and planetary waves in the middle atmosphere. IIG (EGRL),Tirunelveli Manohar Lal Middle atmosphere M.S.University, Tirunelveli ---
34. 2013 Arif,M.D. Rock magnetism and palaeomagnetism of meteorite impact craters in India. IIG, Navi Mumbai. Nathani Basavaiah Meteorite impact crater Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
35. 2013 Nayak,Chinmaya Kumar Study of the variability of equatorial & low latitude ionosphere in the Indian region using radio waves. IIG, Navi Mumbai. Satyavir Singh Equatorial and low latitude ionosphere Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai
36. 2013 Shrivastava,Mahesh N. Estimation of strain distribution of the seismogenic regions of india,from gps measurements:numerical modeling,interpretations and implications. IIG, Navi Mumbai. C.D.Reddy Seismogenic regions of India Univ of Mumbai PDF, Chille
37. 2013 Remya,B. Beam and temparature anisotropy driven plasma instabilities in the solar wind and the earth's magnetosphere system. IIG, Navi mumbai. R.V.Reddy Magnetosphere Univ of Mumbai IIG, Navi Mumbai

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