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Narmada-Son lineament is considered to be tectonically and seismically active rift zone of Central India. The activation of Narmada south fault has experienced a number of earthquakes in Jabalpur region. To understand the secular variation of geomagnetic field of crustal origin of seismically active Jabalpur and adjoining area of Central India, a project called Tectonomagnetic study in Jabalpur-Kosamghat area in Central India was launched since 2002. The motivation of this project is a long-term monitoring of the total geomagnetic field in the vicinity of fault (Jabalpur area) to detect changes in the static part of geomagnetic field due to general tectonic activity and crustal stress accumulation with a view to understanding an earthquake mechanism.

Anomalous magnetization distribution is revealed in study areas. Also, anomalous yearly change of total magnetic field observed in Jabalpur-Mandla area attributed to electrokinetic effect due to the trapped fluids in deep crust. Previous GDS studies in the area have indicated the presence of Satpura conductor, which is running beneath the deep crust of Jabalpur- Mandla area attributed to the fluids in deep crust.

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