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The spatio-temporal evolution of the geomagnetic field has been investigated using secular variation as well as acceleration models for the main field for extraction of information about the geodynamo, such as the radial gradient of the axisymmetric part of the unobservable toroidal magnetic field at the core-mantle boundary; and a rapidly varying component of the fluid flow at the top of the core, which might be associated with observed 'jerks' in the geomagnetic field. Further, the effect of a region of enhanced electrical conductivity at the base of the mantle was introduced in estimation of the secular variation of the poloidal magnetic field at the top of the core.

For the first time an analytical result was obtained for variations in the flux of cosmic rays impinging on the Earth’s atmosphere due to secular variation of the geomagnetic field approximated by that due to an eccentric dipole.

Dr A Bhattacharya

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