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                                                                                               IN SERVICE SINCE 1841

Honouring the past, riding the Present and implementing IIGs vision for the future..........

Institutions nurture and propagate science. They are the cradle of advancement and progression. Colaba-Alibag MO is just that- an institution that spawned the science of Geomagnetism in India.

History beckoned Colaba in 1841. Magnetic instruments planned for installation at Aden (in Yemen), landed at Colaba meteorological observatory, in March 1841. These instruments were then provided enclosures and staff for carrying measurements, recording, analyses and interpretation of data. The first magnetic observations at Colaba were taken in April 1841 which continued till 1906. The earliest observations were through ‘eye reading’ (1841 to 1872) and the remaining years witnessed ‘photographic recordings’.

Relocating the magnetic observatory from Colaba to Alibag was a conscious decision taken by Dr. Nanabhoy A. F. Moos, the then Director. In 1900, he could foresee the ‘noise’ vitiating the magnetic readings on account of soon to be initiated electric trams replacing horse driven ones. Dr. Moos set in earnestness to find a place that gave the exact geomagnetic field changes as observed at Colaba, which he did find at Alibag.

Similarity in simultaneous measurements at Colaba and Alibag from 1904 to 1906 convinced Dr. Moos to discontinue recordings at Colaba. Alibag has set very high standards of magnetic recording winning many accolades and awards from world geomagnetic community.

To mark the completion of 175 years’ continuous data acquisition and to celebrate this momentous achievement, a function is arranged at magnetic observatory Alibag on 21st September 2016, and one day workshop on 22nd September 2016 on “Geomagnetism, Earth, Moon and Sun (GEMS) at IIG New Panvel. Many more festivities will continue during 2016-2017.



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